Automatic Mouse and Keyboard

Automatic Mouse and Keyboard 6.5

Automate a list of mouse clicks and keyboard actions
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Many of us perform repetitive tasks involving mouse clicks or keyboard combinations, such as opening or closing a given program at a given time of the day. This program allows you to perform these tasks even if you are not in front of your computer. It works like a screen activity recorder. First, you need to click on the Record button and start to perform the action. Once you have completed the action, you need to click Alt + F2 to stop recording. The action will be stored and will be repeated every time you click on it on the program's interface. You can also automatize the repetition of the task by assigning it a number of repetitions, or choosing a period of time during which the action will be carried out. Also, you can set the delay between one repetition and the next. You can add several variables to the command, such as what to do if it founds an open window or an image.

The program's interface is colorful and its basic functions are easy to learn and use. There are, however, more advanced functions that will require you to invest some time to learn.

The commercial license is rather costly, but there are also Personal and Academic licenses that are more affordable.

Victor Hernandez
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  • The program is useful for automatizing repetitive tasks involving mouse movement and keyboard strokes


  • The commercial license is rather costly, although there are two other, more affordable, license types
  • You need to invest some time to learn all the program's features
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